Our Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Specialists

Physiotherapy Services Pontypridd

Clinic Based Physiotherapy Services

We treat a wide range of conditions such as back pain, muscle injuries or joint strains. Our clients range from elite level athletes, pensioners, to recreational fitness enthusiasts. Whatever your level of activity, we are here to help you.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy Services Pontypridd

Sports Injuries

We specialise is diagnosing and treating sports injuries, whether they are acute or chronic. If you have a sports related injury and want advice fast, we are able to offer specialist treatment from our expert Physiotherapists.

Shockwave Therapy Services Pontypridd

Shockwave Therapy

We offer highly effective Shockwave Therapy treatment suitable for treatment for soft tissue conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, shin pain and shoulder injuries.


Sports Injury Services

We have a range of Sports Physiotherapy services available at our clinics, all provided by specialist Physiotherapists who have extensive experience in elite sport, from rugby to volleyball. Regardless of the injury we have the skills to get you back to full fitness.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy Rhondda Cynnon Taff

Injury Assessment and Diagnosis

We have extensive experience of treating a wide range of sports related injuries such as:

  • Muscle Strains, Tears and Pulls
  • Joint Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Post-Operation Rehabilitation
  • Running Injuries
Sports Massage Therapy Rhondda Cynnon Taff

Sports Massage

Sports massage can help a variety of people from sports persons, sedentiary workers to manual workers in recovering from the stresses and strains of training or work and can be an excellent addition to your recovery.

We offer targeted treatment to problem areas identified during your screening of your muscular system, along with advice on what exercises or training strategies may be appropriate to help improve the condition of your body in the long term.

Individual Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Rhondda Cynnon Taff

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on treating you as an individual, working with you to acheive your goals. Whether you are looking to overcome injuries and return to sport or just abolish pain with daily activities, Performance Physiotherapy will help you reach the highest level of function and performance you can attain.

We are passionate about analysing movement and its relationship to the development of pain. This approach is at the heart of how we can help you understand and treat your injury and help you stay fitter, performing to your optimum for longer.