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Physiotherapy Services and Assessment

In order to get to the root of your problem and treat you as an individual, the key is accurate and thorough assessment. Getting to know you as a person, how your problem affects you in your life; influences our treatment choices and improves the outcomes we acheive with our patients.

What happens on your first session?

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

Our Physiotherapists will ask you detailed questions about your problem, to find out how it started and how it is affecting you. This helps to plan a tailor made assessment comprised of movement analysis, manual assessment and other techniques to design a treatment plan, which is individual to you in treating the cause of the problem, not just relieve the symptoms. It's a good idea to bring some shorts and comfortable clothing so you can move in the easiest way possible while respecting your dignity.

Your Physiotherapist will explain the problem and what course of treatment is best suited to help you. This treatment may be in the form of exercise, rehabilitation, acupuncture, manual therapy (e.g. mobilisations to joints, trigger point release, manipulation) and much more.

Our Range of Services

Sports Injury Physiotherapy
Manual Therapy
Injury Prevention
Chronic Pain Physiotherapy
Occupational Health Physiotherapy
Shockwave Therapy
Physiotherapy for treatment of headaches
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